The E*SHIP Summit

The Kauffman Foundation will host a first-ever summit of its kind on entrepreneurship in Kansas City in the summer of 2017. Our vision: to build and support a dedicated community of the world’s “entrepreneurial ecosystem builders.”

This event combines several of the Foundation’s national gatherings into one large event. It will be designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and collective experience of ecosystem building.

Why should you attend?

– Peer Learning. Learn from a diverse peer group of inspiring thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs, leaders, policymakers, researchers and professionals from communities of all kinds, from all corners.

– Shared Ideas. Be part of an immersive and interactive exchange of ideas, information, stories and shared experiences on how ecosystems can be built to thrive.

– Latest Tools. Acquire new tools to shape the creation of social networks and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Gain insights on how to implement this new model of economic development successfully and measure it effectively.

More Details Coming Soon!